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Water Pipe Break Cleanup in Anchorage, Wasilla & Mat-Su

Freezing weather, corrosion, aging plumbing, and more can lead to water damage from a water pipe break. When that occurs, you will need water removal services, followed by water pipe cleanup & restoration services for your property. To avoid or minimize risks of mold growth and structural damage, rely on Dry Out Systems for effective pipe break cleanup and restoration. Get your home or business back up and running after a pipe break. Call or contact us online to reach a Dry Out pipe break restoration expert in Palmer, Sutton, Big Lake, Willow, Chugiak, Anchorage, and more Alaska cities.

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Causes of Water Pipe Breaks in AK

  • Freezing: Freezing water expands the pipe and eventually leads to a break.
  • Age and corrosion: Over time or due to age the drainage system gets clogged and leads to corrosion. This eventually leads to broken pipes.
  • Blockages, intrusions: Leaks or breaks can result from s severe blockage or intrusion caused by tree roots in plumbing under homes.
  • Physical damage: Accidental pipe damage during construction, landscaping or other external force can cause the pipe to break.
  • Poor installation: D-I-Y plumbing projects often lead to faulty installation and cause pipe breaks in the future.
  • Infrequent maintenance: Minimal or poor maintenance increases the chances of a broken pipe.
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Pipe Break Warning Signs in Palmer, Anchorage & Chugiak

Signs of broken pipes can be obvious or more difficult to see. Turn to the Dry Out Systems experts if you see or detect any of the following:

  • Visible leaks
  • Mold growth
  • Musty odors
  • Warped or buckling floors
  • Cracked or peeling paint
  • Increased water bills
  • Hidden water leak sounds

Water Pipe Break Restoration Process

water pipe break assessment


Our experts assess the damaged area and locate you water pipe break source for an effective solution. We'll respond quickly and begin our reliable pipe break cleanup ASAP.

water extraction

Water Extraction

We use the latest, most effective equipment to extract standing water after your water pipe break. The extraction phase sets you up for drying, contents salvage, and repairs.

floor drying


After water removal, affected areas are dried with the latest dehumidifiers and air movers. Our drying phase prevents future mold growth and restores indoor air quality.

sanitizing floor

Cleaning and Sanitizing

We apply effective cleansing agents to remove bacteria and other contaminants your water pipe break might leave behind. We prioritize sanitizing all unseen affected surfaces.

Ways to Minimize Your Pipe Break Damage in Wasilla & Willow

  • Identify the source of the pipe break or water intrusion as quickly as possible.
  • Turn off the water line to stop the leak.
  • Mop, wipe up, bucket, etc., excess water that can be removed.
  • Move furniture from harm's way ASAP.
  • Consult the Dry Out Systems professionals immediately for effective cleanup, water extraction, drying, remediation, and restoration.
inspecting water damaged area

Our Leak Inspections Find Hidden Issues at Your Property in Alaska

If you suspect plumbing issues, our professional pipe break inspections will help you to identify problems immediately. It can be difficult for customers to detect damage on their own, but Dry Out Systems has the latest diagnostic equipment to pinpoint your pipe break.

Our professionals will conduct water leak tests and other diagnostics to locate undetected water damage or hidden, undried moisture. We're experts in locating water damage that our customers miss. Don't let hidden water pipe breaks, leaks, or damage go unchecked. Turn to the Dry Out experts for water leak inspections that get results and comprehensive damage solutions.

Why Choose Us For For Reliable Pipe Break Restoration? 

Dry Out Systems is the proven choice for pipe break cleanup and restoration expertise and the latest water damage equipment. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Our highly trained technicians use the most advanced technology to efficiently and effectively remove water from your property and minimize damage. We'll restore your property ASAP to return your daily routines. We're available for 24/7 emergency response. Trust our dedication to the highest quality results. Dry Out Systems is ready to tackle any water pipe break damage need with precision and care.

insurance claim paper

We Offer Insurance Claim Support For Your Peace of Mind in Alaska

At Dry Out Systems, we know the stress of filing insurance claims after water pipe break damage can be difficult. Our skilled insurance support specialists are ready to assist you every step of the way.

From the moment you contact us, we'll work closely with you on your claim, seeing that all necessary documentation is filed and submitted to your insurance provider. Let us help streamline your pipe break damage restoration and recovery, moving it forward so repairs can be performed in the most efficient timeframe. Insurance claims can be unpleasant, and we're ready to help relieve any possible burden.

Trust Us For Thorough Pipe Break Damage Restoration in Big Lake

At Dry Out Systems, we're experienced restoration experts. Our knowledge and skills tackle any pipe break or other water damage situation. We value our customers and provide 24/7 emergency response to begin a return to your normal routine as soon as possible. With us, you're never out of the loop.

We assist customers in Houston, IndianBig Lake, and dozens of other Alaska cities. For fire damage, disaster, and storm & flood restoration, call 907-891-7337 or click here to schedule an appointment today.

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During an walk around inspection of my home, I discovered a water leak on the furnace. Leaving water on the floor's in the furnace room and crawlspace. I gave Dry Out Systems a call, explained the problem. They excepted my home insurance. Came right ...

The night of the small flooding, I was very pleased that Bo and Doug were able to come out right away. They stayed cleaning up and remove the water damage until early in the morning. Everyone that came after that was helpful, informative, and profess...

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Excellent service and very professional! Hopefully I won't have to use their service for future emergencies, but if those do arise I will have no reservations about giving them a call.

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