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Flood Damage Restoration in Anchorage & Wasilla, AK

When you have an indoor flood to your property, you need flood damage restoration services immediately to get your home or office back to its pre-damage condition. At Dry Out Systems, our crews have the experience, expertise, and equipment to handle all types of water damage restoration services, including flood damage restoration, for customers in Anchorage, Wasilla, Big Lake, and other cities we serve.

For many years, we have been an industry leader when it comes to restoration and cleanup services in Alaska. When you need a 24/7 emergency response, our crews will be on-site within 30 minutes because we respond from three different locations in the Greater Anchorage area. To learn more, dial 907-891-7337 or click here.

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Why Is Immediate Restoration Necessary After a Flood?

A water intrusion at your property can ruin the structural integrity of your home or office and lead to major flood damage restoration costs. When standing water sits too long after entering your house, or lurking behind walls, it will destroy drywall, ceilings, wooden support beams, and other construction supplies. Sings there is water in your home may include peeling paint, water stains on ceilings, and damp wallpaper. 

The moisture may also cause wood rot, warping, or a wet insulation system that will no longer be effective. Standing water near an electrical connection is a hazard that could lead to electrocution. Water also attracts pests and triggers mold growth. That is why it is essential to always restore flood damage immediately at your home or office.

Benefits of Expert Flood Damage Restoration in Anchorage, Wasilla, and Meadow Lakes

When you are faced with water or flood damage to your property in Alaska, be sure and reach out to our restoration crews immediately. DIY methods only worsen the situation and our crews are outstanding. When you call us, the benefits include:

  • Quick, efficient repairs
  • Response times under 30 minutes
  • Minimize repair costs
  • Boost the property value
  • Assistance with the insurance claim
  • Restores a healthy environment to the property
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Our Flood Damage Services for Customers in Anchorage and Wasilla

The flood damage services we provide for customers in Chugiak, Houston, Indian, Big Lake, and other Alaska cities include:

emergency water extraction service

24/7 Emergency Responses

Our swift and short response ensures quick water damage restoration services for customers. That prevents further damage and maintains safety.

water extraction equipment

Water Extraction

Water extraction involves removing water from the affected parts due to flood damage.

overflowing toilet

Toilet Overflows

This occurs because of clogging in the drainpipe, damage in the toilet flapper, or a blockage in the plumbing system. The affected area will come into contact with bacteria, pathogens, biohazard waste, and other particles that are harmful to humans.

bathroom tub overflow

Shower & Tub Overflow

The water will be clean, but an overflow in the shower or bathtub will make a mess in the bathroom and run the risk of causing water damage.

clogged drain overflow

Clogged Drain Overflow

Hair, debris, soap scum, and more can cause a clogged drain overflow in your sink. The water cannot pass, and flooding on the bathroom floor will occur until the clog is addressed.

kitchen sink overflowing

Kitchen Sink Overflow

The consequences of a kitchen overflow can trigger damage to your kitchen cabinets, the walls around the sink, your kitchen floor, and more. It will also make cooking and cleaning the kitchen a challenge until the overflow is addressed.

flooded basement

Flooded Basement

The consequences of flooded basements are damage to the furniture, carpet, walls, and more. There can also be mold growth and even foundation damage.

water restoration services

Other Restoration Services We Provide

In addition to our flood damage restoration services, we also help customers with other damage services for:

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We Support Our Customers by Assisting with Insurance Claims in Anchorage & Wasilla

It's not usually possible for property owners to cover the cost of a restoration job on an out-of-pocket basis. That is why you have homeowner's insurance. With a valid insurance policy in force, the insurance company will provide the restoration cost based on the parameters of your policy. You make a claim and they issue a check ... eventually. At Dry Out Systems, we can bill the insurance company directly or assist with your claim. We document every aspect of the job while performing the restoration work.

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Call Us for Flood Damage Restoration in Big Lake, Wasilla, & Anchorage

When you need help with a flood-damaged home or office, the proven professionals at Dry Out Systems can help. We have experienced restoration crews that are available on a 24/7 basis when you face an emergency. To learn more, call us at 907-891-7337 or click here to schedule services online at your property in Eagle RiverChugiak, Wasilla, Anchorage, and other cities within our service area in Alaska.

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I had flooding in my crawl space, and called dryout systems right at closing. Despite me calling last minute, they set up for a couple of guys to come out the next morning. Chris and Zach were fabulous; they were friendly, thorough, and efficient. T...

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Josh from Dry Out Systems was awesome. I came home to find my garage and crawl space flooding. Josh was on the job quickly and able to help me with the situation fast. Highly recommended!

Posted on Facebook

These guys are extremely professional and helpful. My crawlspace flooded and they talked me through what to do to handle it myself because it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. He saved me thousands of dollars by giving me advice instead of just char...

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