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Smoke and Soot Restoration in Anchorage & Wasilla, AK

In the wake of a fire, you will need smoke and soot restoration services ASAP to return your home or office in Alaska to its pre-damage condition. Residual damage caused by smoke and soot can linger for months without help from our IICRC-certified technicians from Dry Out Services.

Our crews have years of experience removing soot residues from your furniture and structure, as well as removing smoke odors, as part of our comprehensive array of fire damage restoration services in Anchorage, Wasilla, Eagle RiverBig Lake, and other cities we serve in Alaska. To learn more, call 907-891-7337 or click here to schedule an appointment with our service team.

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How Bad is Smoke & Soot Damage for Your Health in Anchorage & Chugiak?

Invisible smoke & soot residues are extremely risky for your health and degrade the indoor air quality at your home or office. Particles of both smoke and soot will float into every corner of your property via your HVAC system and can easily enter your lungs when you breathe. Both smoke & soot contain carcinogens, which is a major health risk for humans.

Even if these carcinogens do not lead to cancer, which is possible, they will cause respiratory ailments, allergic reactions, skin rashes, and more. The greater threat, however, is long-term issues such as lung damage, cancer, and more.

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Smoke & Soot Are Bad for Your Property in Anchorage, Meadow Lakes, & Big Lake

In addition to health problems, smoke & soot cause financial damage as well. From electronics to metallic structural supports, it can cause corrosion if left untreated. Other consequences include discoloration, stains, smoky odors, and other unwanted issues that can put your property in danger. The presence of particulates in your HVAC system will not only spread smoke and soot throughout your property but will diminish the unit's performance and lead to costly repairs.

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Signs That Your Property Has Smoke and Soot Damage in Eagle River & Anchorage, AK

When you spot any of these issues, secure smoke and soot restoration services ASAP:

  • The walls and ceiling are stained
  • Furniture and support beams are faded in color
  • A lingering smoke odor is evident
  • Residents face respiratory problems and allergic reactions
  • A black, powdery substance covers structural parts
  • Electronics malfunction and show discoloration

Steps to Take to Avoid or Reduce Smoke and Soot Damage

The best and most effective way to be protected from smoke and soot damage is to prevent fire accidents in advance. That requires some planning ahead and due diligence. Examples included placing flammable objects away from the fireplace or stove, planning escape routes in the event of a fire, and finding ways to minimize the spread of smoke and soot while the fire is burning to minimize the loss. This can be done by closing the doors and windows of the affected room after the evacuation. Most importantly, you must try to extinguish the fire as much as possible in addition to summoning the fire department.

Additional Fire Damage Services We Provide in Anchorage, Wasilla, and Artesian Village

Although we excel at smoke & soot restoration, that is not the only service we provide when fire damage restoration is required. Some of our other services include: 

  • Smoke odor removal: This involves eliminating smoke odors that persist following a fire at your property.
  • Smoke damage assessment:: We determine how much damage you have sustained and what restoration procedures will be required.
  • Fire board-up services: We secure the vacant property during the restoration process to protect it from weather, vandalism, and other issues.
  • Smoke-damaged drywall: We treat and replace smoke-damaged drywall to secure a healthy indoor environment.
  • Content pack-out services: We pack out, store, and restore fire-damaged content while restoring your structure. 

We also provide services for structural fires and services to boost indoor air quality in the wake of a blaze.  

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Insurance Claim Assistance by Dry Out Systems

When your property is damaged by a fire, you will need to lean on your fire insurance to cover the repair and replacement costs. However, you must file a claim within a timely manner that details the damage and you must follow the parameters of your policy to receive the maximum damage payour. At Dry Out Services, we have professionals to take care of the issue through direct insurance company billing as well as assisting with the insurance claim. We ensure that you are given the maximum settlement possible under the terms of your policy.

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A fire restoration project is never complete until the smoke & soot residues are eliminated. At Dry Out Systems, our IICRC-certified technicians have the skill and savvy to make sure that happens. Let us restore your property and eliminate smoke & soot residues. To get started, call 907-891-7337 or click here to schedule services today at your property in Houston, Big Lake, Indian, Chugiak, and other Alaska cities within our service area.

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